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Kim's Game See below how to play this game

Linoprint (in four colours)
300 x 420mm
Edition of 12
Eleven prints available

£75 unframed (price includes p&p to UK address)

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Kim's Game is derived from the jewel game, a memory training exercise in Rudyard Kipling's novel Kim.


Collect 20 different small objects, arrange them on a tray and cover with a tea-towel. You will also need pencils and paper.

Players gather around a low table, with the covered tray in the middle. Give each person a pencil and a piece of paper.
Ask them to write their name at the top and a list of numbers 1 to 20.

Explain that the tray will be uncovered for ONE MINUTE to reveal 20 objects which will be described before they are covered up again. Players will then have five minutes to list as many as they can remember.

Remove the cloth for one minute. Name and point out the 20 objects. Cover up the tray while players write down what they have seen. After five minutes, ask everyone to pass their list to the player on their left, who will check it when the tray is uncovered again. Whoever has listed the most objects wins the game.

Surprisingly varied results arise from repeating the test right away – and also the next morning – without seeing the tray again.

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