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ha ha!

shell man

hot stuff

pork pie


at home


Chris Murray is an artist who lives and works in Skipton, North Yorkshire. He enjoys the company of a dog called Harry whose adventures he records in woodcut and lino prints.

As a member of BIP (Brighton Independent Printmakers) he travels to Brighton to use their Columbian Press, ‘that behemoth of presses’.

He has exhibited narrowly, missing opportunities all over the world but was recently discovered by the lively gallery on Brighton seafront called Castor & Pollux. His work has also been on show at Harewood House, Leeds Open and Harvey Nichols, Leeds. He exhibits during Brighton Festival Fringe at award-winning Open House ‘Muse’. He trained in Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art.

telephone: 01756 796356


ha ha! ho ho! shell man hot stuff
pork pie... blue chair... at home postie
for further information about chris murray and his work, please email him at the above address
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